We Are Looking for More Rock Stars

Carrollton is hiring for the positions listed below. We have partnerships with several recruiting firms that we have worked with for many years – so please do not send us a resume if you are a recruiting firm!

Our Team Philosophy:

Hire only “A” players

Set them up for success

Get out of the way

Pega-related Openings

    • Pega Certified Lead System Architect
    • Pega Certified Senior System Architect
    • Pega Certified Business Architect

Pega & Non-Pega Related

    • Project Manager & Product Owner
    • Quality Assurance Analyst

Please feel free to reach out via email at careers@carrollton.la to see about joining our team. If you are a recruiter or a bot please don’t waste our time or yours – we already have recruiting firm partners and we will not accept any resumes from any other recruiters.